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Handmade conical candles specially created for use on ropes.

They come in red or black color and have a medium heat factor on the skin.
A must for wax play lovers, adding it to a ropes session is extremely pleasant and erotic, it increases the sensation of warmth and constriction linked to the flow of hot wax drops on the body.


Wax Play, in short, it’s dripping hot wax on someone’s body.
I’m not here to speak about the pleasure you and your partner will have from this, but I want to give you some safety warnings: These candles have a melting point around 50/55°C, but this doesn’t mean they are completely safe. Even with the right equipment, risk of blistering still exists. No matter how much your partner enjoys this, a permanent scar for temporary pleasure is not worth it.
The wax can pool up between body parts. When it sits there for too long, it will trap heat and leave painful blisters. If you prolong dripping on one body part or area, the wax does not have time to cool. This will also lead to burns and blisters.
Allergies and Medical Conditions, Patch testing for allergies and skin conditions is a necessity. Do take note of resulting scars, rashes, or other marks due to different medical conditions (sunburn, eczema, etc.). Additionally, certain medications make people more sensitive to wax.
Body Sensitivity and Pain Tolerance, just as you should patch test for allergies and other reactions, you should patch test for your partner’s pain tolerance. Pain can be pleasurable, but preferences and tolerances are unique for each person.
To start testing, light the candle and let it sit for a few minutes. Once you notice the liquid wax begin to pool, you’ll want to test it on yourself first. This way you’ll understand what your partner will be feeling later. To do this, hold the candle about a foot above your forearm. Let a few drops fall onto a more sensitive area like your wrist to really feel how hot it is.
Do not for any reason use the wax internally. Keep it out of eyes, ears, and mouths! Keep it out of vaginal, anal, and urethral cavities!
Fire Safety…you are literally playing with fire. Don’t set the candle somewhere that it will easily tip over. Even low heat candles can start fires on flammable materials like sheets and clothes. Keep a bucket of water or fire extinguisher nearby. Never leave the candle unattended.

If you need some tips the wax removing, please send me a message at andrearopes@gmail.com

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Candele in formato conico appositamente create per l’uso nelle corde.

In colore rosso, viola o nero, hanno un fattore di calore sulla pelle di media entità.
Per gli amanti del wax play, aggiungerlo ad una sessione di corde è estremamente piacevole ed erotico, aumenta la sensazione di calore e di costrizione legata allo scorrere delle gocce di cera calda sul corpo.

La particolare forma permette di poterle posizionare fra le corde, in modo tale da avere un flusso cera continuo e prolungato, potendosi occupare della gestione delle corde o per giocare.

(N.B.: le candele sono prodotte artigianalmente e posso quindi presentare alcune leggere imperfezioni o differenze di tono del colore)




Conical candles specially created for use on ropes.

In red,purple or black color, they have a medium heat factor on the skin.
A must for wax play lovers, adding it to a ropes session is extremely pleasant and erotic, it increases the sensation of warmth and constriction linked to the flow of hot wax drops on the body.

The particular shape allows you to position them between the ropes, so as to have a continuous and prolonged flow of wax, being able to deal with the management of the ropes or for playing.

(N.B .: the candles are handmade and I can therefore present some slight imperfections or differences in color shade)

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red, black, purple

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    Devo ancora provarle ma..promettono molto bene!!

  2. Emanuele N. (proprietario verificato)

    Pacco arrivato in maniera rapida. Le candele sono molto belle sia come colore che come consistenza e forma. La temperatura raggiunta dalla cera è perfetta per giocare in sicurezza.

  3. Martina (proprietario verificato)

    Bellissima *-*

  4. Anonymous (proprietario verificato)

  5. Giovanni Guiso (proprietario verificato)

    Ottimo prodotto, colore perfetto vivo e brillante. Perfetto per le corde perché si toglie davvero facilmente. Andrea come sempre una garanzia

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